About ACA events

Next to the production of “intellectual food”, ACA is committed to organising events as platforms for exchange thereof. ACA events can be divided into major annual conferences, on the one hand, and more specific one-day seminars, on the other. Both types are open to a public dealing with internationalisation in higher education, such as rectors, vice-rectors, faculty and international relations staff, as well as policy-makers and practitioners from government departments, international institutions, non-governmental organisations and think tanks.

The ACA Annual Conferences, which usually take place in May/June each year and last two and a half days, attract an audience of 300 or more people. ACA’s conference series has  become a synonym for high-quality information, analysis and discussion on current policy and practice-related issues in the area of international higher education.

The shorter and more exclusive
ACA seminars, better known as the series of ACA European Policy Seminars (EPS), adhere to the same high standards of quality, but take place almost exclusively in Brussels and gather an audience of ca. 100 stakeholders. The flagship of the ACA European Policy Seminars is “What’s new in Brussels”, the first of four such events per year. Usually held on the last Friday in January, “What’s new” is ACA’s initiative to keep higher education institutions and relevant stakeholders informed about recent developments in the European higher education landscape by providing an overview of the latest developments in European higher education policies and programmes. Other seminars tackle specific topics, ranging from issues such as student services and funding international students to cooperation with other world regions and student mobility. With its European Policy Seminars, ACA strives to keep you up-to-date on the hottest topics and developments in higher education, inviting the audience to actively take part in the discussion.

Upcoming events:

Innovation through internationalisation. How international cooperation and mobility foster innovation in higher education

Zürich, 4 November 2020