ACA projects

Along services to its membership and events, project work constitutes ACA’s core business. In fact, the three types of core activities are, to an extent, overlapping. ACA projects embrace many forms, from studies, to reviews, reports, and evaluations, and tend to be both quantitative and qualitative in nature. They often result in a publication and a concluding seminar or conference. Regarding the thematic areas of ACA projects, they are all consistent with the Association’s mission, covering a variety of issues related to the internationalisation of higher education.

Through its project work ACA strives to support its membership, to enhance the knowledge on particular aspects of international cooperation in higher education, and ultimately, but not least important, to influence European higher education and research policy choices.

All ACA projects are conducted with external funding, coming either from the European Commission as a result of successful competitive tendering, from other organisations or from individual higher education institutions themselves. While striving to secure external funding for studies and research within its area of interest, ACA has managed to keep an independent status and view from the funding bodies. Most projects are conducted in collaboration with ACA’s members.

The selection of ACA projects you find on our website are listed by year of completion.